How to earn money playing Sorare (rewards)

While the previous article covered what Sorare is, how to get started and the platform’s potential for growth, this article will focus on how to start turning a profit on Sorare.

First of all, it is important to note that there are different ways to define profit in this case, since there are many different aspects to consider. For instance, some players might want to build up their gallery and collect better and rarer players, others might be satisfied with collecting and stacking Ethereum, while some would argue that the profit would only be realized upon selling the collected Ethereum for fiat (EUR, USD, GBP, etc.).

In any case, it is critical to note that the concept of profit on Sorare depends largely on what your end goal is. Do you want to regularly earn some additional EUR or USD, or are you happy to collect Ethereum without planning on converting it to fiat in the short term? Depending on which option you prefer, your strategy might be slightly different.

The strategy:

There are numerous ways of creating profit in Sorare, however the two most general ones are collecting rewards and selling cards. This article is centered around collecting rewards.

In the beginning, every starting player’s goal should be to pick up at least five rare player cards. Users that have signed up to the platform using a referral code will be rewarded with a free Rare card after purchasing 5 cards from Auctions. If you have not signed up yet, you can find a referral code below:

The quality and price of this free card can vary, however, if you get lucky, you could recover your investment right off the bat of even earn an instant profit. It is more likely that the reward you receive will be a lower-tier player, however even if you get extremely unlucky and receive some of the worst players available, these can be sold for about 0.02 ETH, which you can use to improve your team.

At this point, you are ready to start participating in the Global All Star tournament and challenging for the prizes. Five cards are needed to participate, however one of them can be a Common card you get for free. In the beginning, you will likely want to use a Common goalkeeper to participate in the tournament, since Rare goalkeepers tend to be quite expensive.

The Global All Star tournament will be the starting point for pretty much every Sorare player, since it offers rewards in Ethereum for achieving a certain number of points, regardless of how many points other players collect. These thresholds are set at 205 and 250 points and the rewards are 0.01 ETH and 0.02 ETH respectively. Even with a small investment, most players should be able to obtain at least four Rare players that will be able to score 205 points per week, however the goal should be to hit the 250 points threshold every week.

There are two gameweeks on most weeks (there have been over 100 gameweeks in the past year), however for the sake of this calculation, we will assume that most of the time, your players will only participate in the Friday-Tuesday gameweeks and that they can score 250 points about 50 % of the time and 205 points about 25 % of the time (the remaining 25 % of the time, the score is below 205 points due to substitutions, injuries or poor performances).

26 weeks * 0.02 ETH = 0.52 ETH

13 weeks * 0.01 ETH = 0.13 ETH

According to this calculation, you could earn about 0.65 ETH in a year with a fairly average team, however the assumption is that you never reinvested any of your rewards back into your team or upgraded your players and never scored enough points to qualify for the top 130 players, which is the cutoff for receiving Rare cards as rewards. If you were to reinvest all the rewards in order to improve your team, the rewards you could potentially receive could be a lot higher. For instance, the top 130 players in Global All Star division 4 all receive rare cards, while the top placed managers are rewarded with top-tier Rare cards as well as Ethereum. There are also several different tournaments taking place each gameweek aside from Global All Star, so if (or when!) you can expand your gallery and add new players, you can start competing in other tournaments as well and challenge for additional rewards.

Different managers might choose different options when building their team, based on the goals that they have set for themselves. Some might withdraw the Ethereum they earn in order to recoup their investment in ETH or fiat, while others might want to invest the rewards into new or better players in order to maximize their chances of obtaining higher level rewards in the future.

In the long term, investing in better players and constantly improving the team in order to compete for ever higher rewards is certainly a solid strategy.

It is also important to note that aside from Sorare, there are several accompanying platforms where players can compete in tournaments and win prizes. The most important one is Sorare’s collaboration with Ubisoft called One Shot League, where users select 5-a-side lineups for Jupiler League matches. There is no cost to participate and the top 5 % of the managers each gameweek win Rare cards on Sorare. Other important accompanying platforms to mention are SorareData and SorareMega, where users can use the cards from their Sorare galleries to compete in different tournaments and competitions.

In summary, there is no shortage of ways to earn Ethereum playing Sorare. Given the potential that the platform has due to the popularity of fantasy soccer and fantasy sports in general, and the scope and quality that the game already offers, everything is in place for Sorare to gain widespread exposure and gain mainstream popularity. If you join now, you can get a head start.

Enjoy the game!



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